Friday, June 19, 2009

Some Sunny Pictures For A Dreary Day

I'm always facinated by the way the sunlight comes into this wonderful old house and plays with everyday objects, making them into something different to the eye. These photos were taken in late afternoon this past Sunday. Something about these pictures makes me feel like they're almost images from my houses' past. Quilt rack in the bedroom. The quilts actually are from the houses past: they were handmade and embroidered with the names of my husbands family(on his fathers' side).
Sewing table in my studio. When we first came through this house before moving in; I knew this would be my art room/studio when I saw the light that came through the windows. It's not a very big room, but the light is so awesome. At certain times of day, this room absolutely glows.

Cabinet in the back of the hall; between the kitchen and the family room.

Another view of the cabinet with the reflection of the lace curtain on it.


  1. They're awesome pics. My fave is the one with the doll and the sunflowers and daffodils-it's wonderful :)

  2. Love the sunlight flowing in!
    Neat to see you over at the art doll site!
    I love Isobel!
    I hope you are joining in the magazine challenge?

  3. Oh, these are so pretty! It almost looks like you took pictures of another time... Your home is beautiful! And thanks for your comment on my post - I much appreciate it! Hugs, Silke

  4. Oh, how I would LOVE to have my art room with a few and some sunshine! That's awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by :) I had a shih tzu, Maggie, who lived with me for 13 years. She was awesome!! All dogs are♥

  5. I live in an old house too. The early morning and late afternoon sun seem to meld the past with the present. It gives me pause time and again when the sun's rays spotlight a corner, or wash across the floor, to realize that across the years this sight must have touched other women, (and men,) the same way it does me. For me it feels like a tangible link to the past.

    You captured the way it feels perfectly.


  6. Ahhhh, what a soothing, lovely place to live. Your photos captured your heart. Beautiful.