Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Painting: Theodora the White Rabbit

Yesterday I was 'gifted' with an entire day in my studio! I pretended that there wasn't a bathroom to be scrubbed or laundry to do or groceries to shop for and I spent the whole day working on Theodora.
Originally she was going to be done all in varying shades of white; as a kind of experiment. But, that didn't last long. Forgive the terrible photos...I was in a rush to get her posted.
Thank you to everyone who posted their love of my sweet maple tree. I am going to give it a big 'ol hug later this morning.


  1. I am sensing a little of the Kelly in Theodora's coloring ('tis herself?)...must be a coincidence. After all you never were a Cornflake Girl. (you can kick me in the shin later!)

  2. Love your new painting. She is so sweet! I hope all is well!

    Take care,


  3. Miss Theodora is lovely! Love those eyes.
    Good for you for gifting yourself a studio day :)
    Those silly bathrooms have a way of crying out don't they?

  4. She's cute!!! I pretend a LOT myself and somehow I always get the other 'not so fun' stuff done in time. A day in the studio is just too awesome to pass up sometimes!

  5. she can out lovely! I love days like those :)

  6. She is so cute! I love her big brown eyes!! I like your studio day - I might try that today...although some other things are calling me... :) Silke

  7. Thank you everyone. Since posting Theodora, I'd been having doubts about her. Poor Theodora.She's given me such a struggle...Or maybe I've been giving her one. Sometimes I'm not such a good listener.

  8. She is gorgeous !
    No doubting !!!
    We artists are mean to ourselves and our work!! Very sweet!
    Cheers , Helen

  9. Theodora is lovely! And, I bet you have much more fun creating her than scrubbing the bathroom..:o)