Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Painting: Camillia

Sunday, I wished my hubby a Happy Fathers Day; gifted him with a beautiful train photograph (not done by me) and a silly card (an audio card of Napoleon Dynamite listing all his 'skills') and then spent the day in the studio painting this little girl above. Her name is Camillia; she was inspired by my Edward Gorey calendar. And I had Interview With The Vampire playing on dvd in the background so maybe she has a bit of Claudia in her too.
She's painted on heart shaped wood that I covered in torn up phone book pages and sanded down. I love how the wrinkles and creases give it almost a stone-like texture. I love her mixture of rough and delicate. I'm planning on adding a little bit of charcoal detail to her wings and coating her in beeswax.
I also spent some time tweaking Theodora a little...and here she is.

I overlayed her hair and eyes and the lighter part of the background with Perfect Pearls...also painted some into her rabbit suit. I love it. It's hard to convey in photographs (for me, anyway) but she has a glimmer to her now. She really catches the light and glows.
I'm glad I had a fruitful studio day Sunday, because the rest of the week is just crazy. My sons are graduating tomorrow night. I'm up to my eyeballs in cleaning and shopping and prep for a celebration BBQ we're having on Saturday. Luckily, it's all close friends and family and they all know that dust is an accessory in my house...but I still have tons to do.
I'm stealing this moment and hoping for at least one or two more before Saturday. I know this busyness is a mother's defense. In a couple months my sons will be 18 and college freshmen in different states. Wow. It boggles my mind. to 'chore-land'.
I think Camillia is laughing at me...


  1. lovely, lovely art!!! and, thank you sooo much for your comment today. definitely saving those words for my heart. thank you!!!

  2. Camilla is just lovely! She has a certain mystique about her and looks great on that heart-shaped piece of wood. Just wonderful!! Have fun with the BBQ and enjoy your celebration with yous sons and family and friends! Hugs, Silke
    P.S. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I so appreciate it!!

  3. Kelly,
    I am loving your new painting, and yes I also think she has a stone textuer look to her.
    Both boys off to college, Oh it is so hard to let them go..
    Mine has been away from the nest for 2 years, I still speak with her daily.
    Thanks for the comment, Yes, I do feel very Lucky to be in the Country.
    You know with life, family, and work you forget to look around and soak up nature.
    This new health craze I am on, brings me out to walk aroung and stop to see all the beauty I walk right by.
    Your not very far from me, you can always come for a visit..
    Have a Great Night!

  4. this is very sweet, great job!~

  5. what a great technique to share, the yellow pages for texture, thanks!