Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rainy Days and Prom Kings...

These two super suave, sophisticated Bond-like gentlemen are actually scruffy 17 year olds in disguise. This was Friday night before they left for prom. Much to their eternal torture I made them pose for a 'GQ' photo shoot in the front hall. And yes, that is a 'Funeral ...No Parking' sign. It was an anniversary present from hubby last year.Found it in an antique shop. I have an odd sense of humour. I think it's very funny having it there in the front hall as a kind of greeter.
This morning is dark and dreary and rainy and thundering...I've been running up and down stairs closing windows through out the house. The best part of rain like this (the sheets of rain, deluge kind) is the tin roof. It has a few drippy spots, so I have to go into the attic and strategically place containers and the sound up there is just awesome! Rain on a tin roof makes the most amazing racket. I love to go and sit on the attic stairs and listen to the rain beating on the roof. Somehow it makes you feel like your right inside it.
The thunder is making the house and the windows rattle. And it's making my little dogs very nervous. They haven't left my side all morning. The scruffy 17 year olds had to take their chances sloshing down the hill to the bus stop, but the dogs and I have other plans. A pot of Irish tea and a day in the studio sounds about right.
I love rain.


  1. What handsome boys!! =)

    PS It's not too late to join in today. If you come up with something, just leave me a comment and I will link you in!

    Take care.

  2. Thanks for the welcome back Kelly!
    Awww.. you gotta love 17 year old boys going to the prom! Sweet!

    In New Zealand , it sure would pour down with rain on a tin roof , kinda miss it here in Texas , ( not for long tho' , i do love my sunny days too!)

  3. Handsome young men! Love the Funeral sign! too funny!
    Thanks for stopping by♥

  4. Hi Kelly,
    WHat Handsome Boys all decked out for the prom..
    The funeral Sign is GREAT...
    We also have a tin roof on our home and the barn.
    The barn always sounds so much loader then the house.
    I sit in the hay with our babies and listen to the beating rain on the tin. So nice.
    Have a Great Day!
    Thanks for sharing..
    Hugs Tammy

  5. You have a lovely award to collect on y blog!
    Thank you fo sharing such wonderful art and news!