Friday, June 12, 2009

Most Wonderful Favourites...

Thank you to Julie Ann of for my first ever blog award. What a wonderful thing to recieve and share over my morning cuppa joe and english muffin.
Now I have the daunting task of passing this on to eight other wonderful blogs. Especially daunting because I know I have barely scratched the surface of art-blog land. eight are as follows:

1) little glimpses studio

2) country folk art

3) sascalia

4) vagabond artistry/half the sundial sisters

5) the art and life of the ruby nest

6) peachy cheek

7) audrey eclectic

8) primoriginals

If each of these wonderful bloggers could, in turn, share this with eight others and spread the inspiration far and wide that would be awesome.I know lives are busy and time is in short supply,so I understand if you can't. And if you haven't already, please visit these wonderful blogs. There are so many more I wanted to name...and as I said I've only just started journeying in this blogosphere.

I also want to be sure to remind everyone of the Silent Art Auction going on at . This auction is for the benefit of children with cancer. Please go and take a look at the donated artwork and make a bid. Bidding is open, as of today and closes on Sunday night at 9 pm EST. There are many wonderful donated works of art. Myself and my fellow Sundial Sister, Cindy @ Vagabond Artistry have made donations: a OOAK owl doll and OOAK mixed media art box, but there are also paintings and prints and many great things. It's worth a look.


  1. Awe~ Thank you so much Kelly. What a sweet morning treat!

  2. Thanks Lady! You like me... You reallly like me.... LOL

  3. Thank you so much Kelly for thinking of my blog and for the lovely comment you left me on my new painting!

  4. aw, thanks so much for including me on your list :D that's awesome, and congrats!~

  5. Hi Kelly,
    Well, I am home from along day of travel, and what a delight to open my blog and find you have thought of me with a wonderful award.
    You make me smile, Thank You!.
    Many Hugs
    Have a Great Weekend!

  6. What a wonderful blog. Congratulations on your award.

    Your art is beautiful.

    Renee xoxo

  7. Hi there Kelly!

    Congrats and thank you so much for including my little blog. That was so sweet of you!!

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. kelly,i want to thank you for your kindness to me. you give courage to me everytime you leave a comment, and i do no take it for granted. thank you so much for opening your mouth and breathing out words that build me up. i pray that God will continue to use you to give his strength to others. thank you!!!

  9. Mystele, What a wonderful way to begin my Monday morning. Thank you.
    I'm a huge believer that what we send out into the world is what we get back and maybe in a tiny way we can make a difference.
    I'm so glad my words build you up...

    Monday Hugs to everyone...