Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Graduates

Here they are: Wyeth and Warren....as photographed by Jeff Goulding of the Times Herald Record. This wonderful photo was taken by our area newspaper and is up on their website. I was able to email it to myself and save it. I was too far away to get any great shots like this. I still have to upload all my pix... Interestingly enough, on their very first day of school--all those 12 long years ago--they had their picture taken for the paper. Sundial Sister Cindy pointed out how it's all come full circle. Neat.
It was a great night; the ceremony was held outside on the school athletic field; the thunder clouds held off until just after the ceremony finished so, unlike my graduation 25 years ago, everyone actually got their diplomas.
We didn't actually manage to get seats. It was packed. But we had a great spot overlooking the whole field and not obstructed by anyone's head. My sons happened to be seated almost directly in front of us,so that worked out well.
The Saturday BBQ was hectic for me but, everyone had a great time and that also turned out really well. And now....I have a few days to pause for breath and maybe even celebrate my own birthday and then we're into prepping for college and all that fun stuff.
So...for the moment...join me in admiring these two high school grads. Class of 2009......Huzzah!


  1. So awesome-congrats to those handsome boys! That is an awesome pic.
    Glad you can exhale now and enjoy your birthday :)

  2. Oh, wow! What a great photo to have! That is so neat. You couldn't try to take such a perfect picture. What a wonderful way to remember the day and that time in their lives.

  3. Oh how wonderful, congrats to your boys!
    How wonderful to have visited the Frida museum- lucky you , I can only imagine how fabulous that was :)

  4. Wow when I first commented on the prom pictures of your son(s)! I thought it was just one boy!! I just now realized that they are TWINS! Man do they look alike! Great graduation photo. My mom is an identical twin and I could not even tell them apart for the longest time. Not until they were much older. They even tricked their boyfriends when they were teens and switched on a date! Have your boys ever tried that? lol

  5. Congrats. to you, your Husbands and your two handsome Boys.
    Now off to college, Oh how fast they grow and leave the nest.
    Happy, Happy Birthday to you my dear friend..
    Have a Great Week, Thanks for sharing!

  6. I too did not realize you had twins , cool shot!!

  7. Happy Birthday Kelly! Your twin boys (MEN now) look fantastic! That's a great pic!
    Thanks for stopping by♥ Darla

  8. Such wonderful news! The worlds their oyster now! Such an exciting time of their life!
    Thank you for sharing this news with us.

    Frida and her art are awesome!

  9. Congrats Guys! This summer is going to fly by ...so yes do try and catch your breath and be in the moment... WOOT!