Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome Carson!

Nearly 24 hours home....he's fitting right in. Bailey was a little 'concerened' at first. I've watched enough episodes of Dog Whisperer to know that it was best just to let the dogs work it out on their own. They have.
Of course, it's just the very first day...but I think it bodes well. Carson is fitting in, as if he's always been here. He already has a battery of nicknames from toothless joe (he had 11 teeth removed!) to mini-me and teacup shih tzu. I call him monkey face. I'm absolutely in love.
This is one of his favourite spots in the Even with losing all those teeth...he has no trouble scarfing up his chicken and kibble dinner. I'm going to take him shopping today for some soft little treats...he can't manage any biscuits or carrots.
Thank you Universe...this was definitely meant to be.

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Span Of A Week...

A week ago today I was outside in my sunny,very-warm-for-this-time-of-Spring yard working at the picnic table; painting,sanding and prepping a frame for Violet. I had a request for a framed print of her and I wanted everything to come out just right for the sale of my first print. I absolutely love the way the frame turned out...after much sanding; layers of lavender paint,crackle glaze and white paint...and then layers of Glimmermist over that. Awesome. Violet was pleased w/ her frame and she has gone to a wonderful new home.This week I am prepping for a new arrival of my own. Bailey is getting a new little brother tomorrow. He has been so melancholy since Shelby died. We knew he needed a new little companion and we'd been looking through Petfinder. Luck of luck, last Saturday our town animal shelter posted a picture on Facebook of a little Shih Tzu boy, named Carson, who was in need of a home. I called them the second I saw the picture (which was just seconds after it had been posted), drove over, met him (what a mushy,lovey little sweetie) and put in an application right there. Monday we found out he would be ours. Tomorrow we go and have Bailey meet him and finally bring him home. Carson's had quite a week...he had to get neutered and have some teeth removed but he's getting a new family and a new brother and a humongous yard and home to explore. Hope he's as excited and happy as we are.
Here is the picture that was posted on Facebook. How could I resist that face?
I am a tremendous believer that things happen for a reason and that you can tell when they are meant to be.We had been worrying about adopting through a Shih Tzu Rescue group on Petfinder--we were concerned it would take a very long time because they have an extensive process of approval...understandably. Last Saturday I'd been spring cleaning and had just taken a break for lunch when I popped onto FB and saw Carsons picture. The way the chain of events happened I just knew it was meant to be; I'd had that same feeling when we adopted Bailey and Shelby. And my son, Warren, is home this week. He was home the week Shelby got so sick and had to be put to sleep. I remember driving to the vet and Warren cradling Shelby in his arms and we were both just sobbing our hearts it seems absolutely right and perfect that he gets to be here to welcome this new little family member.
The Universe knows what we need...we just have to have faith in it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Gift of Spring

I have been incredibly lax in getting on here and posting. So many things in my life are demanding attention right now.One of my jobs--I work with teen moms in an art and literacy program--has gotten more complex and that has demanded alot more of my time. I have been trying in every spare minute to paint or sew or sculpt or something... Here are two recently finished poppets...they will be going into The Sundial Sisters Etsy shop very soon.
It's the same every Spring...I find a renewed sense of creativity and just need to keep moving and working and getting it out... It's as if my muse spends her winter in a half-slumber and at the first inkling of Spring she stretches and fully awakes.
This little lady is The Duchess of Agony. I began her in the week following the snowstorm... She took alot of concentrated effort. She's sculpted from polymer clay and handpainted; her limbs are attached with satin ribbons. She's painted with acrylics and inks. I hand sewed and trimmed her dress and her headdress. Her hair is washed lambs fleece from a friends farm. She has a black tulle boa and a tulle bustle to her dress. I kind of think she might be a little inspired by Lady Gaga. She has a handpainted corset and stockings too! She's going into the Sundials' shop as well. She has several sisters in various stages of work... One--a Mardi Gras Queen named Talulah-- will be finished in a few days. I'm having so much fun with these new little dolls... I've been doing tons of research on 1920s silent film stars and things like that.
This little jennywren nest was woven into one of the floral wreaths that I hang on my door each Spring. I must have put it away in the attic last fall and never saw the nest. This morning when I went up to get my Spring decorations...there it was. It has a wee little bird skeleton in it...which I find so delicate and beautiful....but also sad. Poor lost baby of last spring or summer. I'm keeping the nest in a pretty little robin-egg blue pot.... I think it's my Gift of this Spring.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Februarys Last Blast

We got socked with major snow last week...lost power for 60+ hours. In spite of the frustration; it was incredibly beautiful. Fairyland to the tenth power. My house looked like a big frosted cake. Some of these photos were taken from my attic window...overlooking my neighborhood. Also got a picture of a snow-befuddled visitor...who bustled off into her thicket after 'posing' for me.