Monday, June 8, 2009

Alexis, Robin Red and Generous Hearts...

This little beauty is Alexis. She's just turned three. Alexis has cancer. To read her story please go to where Tammy (one of the generous hearts in the title of this blog) has set up a Silent Art Auction to benefit Alexis and other children with cancer.Here is a link to Alexis' mom's blog: . Many artists have donated works to the auction. They are also the generous hearts from the title, as are anyone who has made bids on these artworks. Myself and my fellow Sundial Sister, Cindy (of and are donating items as well. Cindy is donating one of her awesome original owls; Lament the Blue Who Owl and I am donating the Robin Red art box; which I just finished this weekend. This is how the interior came out.
I deco-ed pieces of dandelion pattern scrapbook paper, then overlayed that-in the center-with cut up pages from a vintage book...painted the eggs and nests. They are also stamped and heat embossed with sparkling copper powder.
Robins' face was painted over deco-ed vintage book pages...then sanded and worked with coloured pencils and oil pastels and ink.She was also rubbed over with a walnut ink antique stain. She is sealed with a matte finish and will also be sealed with beeswax.
The back of the box--the figure of Robin--was also painted over vintage book pages. (I sketched the face and the figure onto the box and then cut the vintage book pages to fit the outlines of the sketches.) She's been overlayed with a one-step crackle medium that only crackled a little, but had the interesting effect of bringing the book text back to the 'surface' of the paint. I love the effect. She was also worked in coloured pencil, oil pastel and marker and rubbed with the walnut stain as well.
The sides of the box have been painted with a mixture of gesso and paint over deco-ed squares of vintage book pages. I also stamped scrollwork and inscribed the edge of the lid with a handwritten phrase: "Gather your eggs of inspiration,keep them safe in the nest of your heart...they will open to reveal your true joy..."
The artwork is protected with a matte finish, but I am also sealing it with beeswax. This is an art piece, so I didn't add any new hardware like handles or a new latch. It's done on a basic blank square cigar box; about 6"X 6" and about an inch deep.
I will cover the cost of shipping. To bid on Robin Red please contact me at . I will let the winning bidder know on Sunday.
I think Robin Red is very happy that she will in some small way help little Alexis.
I really hope everyone will check out the Auction items at Tammys' blog.

Robin Red was 'won' by my own sister, Heather--who made a wonderful bid/donation to benefit Alexis and Seattle Childrens Hospital. Robin has already gone to her new home...and I'll even get to visit her sometimes. Thank you Heather.


  1. Perfect Kelly,
    Thank you so much..
    I love Red Robin, she is wonderful.
    I will go post her and a link to your blog for bidders.
    God Bless...
    Many Hugs..

  2. What a lovely piece of art to donate. Thank you for your kind comment. I love peonies. Mine are already done. They go so fast. Funny story about your cat Lucy. She must have loved you alot.

  3. Oh , very cute box!

    I will now go and read about this sweet little girl.....

    Cheers , helen

  4. Oooo, I see you too love the blue speckled birdie eggs:-) Very nicely done!