Monday, November 30, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Post

This isn't going to be the wonderful post holiday post I was planning on. But that's the trouble with planning...the universe generally has other things in mind. Best laid plans and all of that...
Thanksgiving itself was busy and slightly crazed for me...but turned out wonderful; an awesome feast. It truly was worth all the stress and work. Both my sons were home plus my sister and her family and my in-laws. The house was full...and so were we.
You might know (from occasional mentions in our respective blogs) that Cindy of Vagabond Artistry is my well as my best and dearest friend. We truly are partners in crime. She is married to my husbands brother. Saturday, her hubby--Bob-- had to have emergency surgery on a badly infected knee. He's doing well and is still in the hospital; we're hoping to have him home today. I would truly appreciate it if you all could pop into Cindy's blog and send her some thoughts and prayers. This is an unforseen complication for them and we are all hoping it turns out okay. Her blog is
I do truly love this holiday season. I have such wonderful memories from childhood. Of course, as a child you've no idea the work and time and stress involved in the creation of this wonderland of family and decorations and parties, etc. As an adult, it sometimes seems like there's no where to turn where there isn't another thing to do or make or send or clean,etc.
Tomorrow I have the oil man coming to service our furnace and tanks. At first I was irritated because I have to be home waiting for him to come and then home while he works, which wouldn't be getting my errands and such done when they needed to be. Then I took a breath and thought...well, I have to be here anyway so, tomorrow I'm going to head up to the attic and start hauling boxes and bins down. I have one half of a farmhouse attic full of bins of Christmas decorations and stuff. Time to Deck The Halls....and everything else.

I'm not planning on joining the rush to the mall any time soon. This year money is super tight and I think it's more special to either hand make gifts or purchase handmade from any number of the wonderful artists I've encountered in blogland.
All I really want for Christmas is that feeling I get whenever I watch It's A Wonderful Life...which is fairly often. You know...the part where everyone comes together for George Bailey and his family and the bell rings and we all know Clarence has finally gotten his wings.
Just put that in my stocking...with a candy cane or two and I'll be all set.

Please don't forget to send thoughts and hugs to Cindy @ Vagabond Artistry....I know she could use them.
These lovely glowey photos in this post are ones I took last week of the setting sun coming in my kitchen window and shining clear across the house to the bookcase in the family room. I think that glow is the personification of the feeling we all wish to carry through the holiday season.
I recently recieved two lovely blog awards. I promise I will post my thank yous and pass them on very soon.


  1. I love that rich golden light! And I hope your bro-in-law is better soon.

  2. hope you had a great thanksgiving love these photos... I also am making my gifts and decorations..... great idea

  3. love the holidays too! hope your BIL is recovering well~