Monday, November 9, 2009

The Sundial Sisters' Successful Craft Fair!

I haven't had much time in the last week or so to update my blog...because I was hard at work getting ready for The Sundial Sisters' sophomore effort at craft-fairing! We really should think about changing our name to The Doubtful Sisters, because right up til our first sale of the day we were doubting our display and set-up; we were doubting our wares (or lack there-of) as compared to the tables and displays around us. We were telling each other that we should just pack up and go for breakfast. And then.....surprise! Cindy ( sold a parliament of her wonderful owls as well as a den full of cozy little teddy bears and more. I sold out my wool yarn Yule wreaths and a sweet little flower fairy named Zu-Zu. We gave away loads of business cards; plugged our blogs and our website....and met some wonderful fellow artists and crafters. It ended up being a wonderful day that was capped off with a trip to IHOP for a pancakes and coffee dinner and then a trip to Hobby Lobby where we basically spent the days earnings. Well, we're encouraged enough by this sophomore effort to do another fair in December, so back to the grindstone.

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