Friday, November 20, 2009

Cinnamon,Coffee,Vanilla...oh my...

I love a good mess. I think I became an artist so I could have a great excuse to make lots of messes. When I was really little, my mother attempted to have me be the quintessential sweet little girl. I had darling ruffled dresses and pretty hairbows and fancy shoes with lace trimmed socks. And I climbed trees, jumped in the mud, picked fights with little boys and found a thousand ways to make a mess. My father hand painted signs in our garage as a supplement to his other income; I would hover around watching everything he did and managing to get as much paint on myself as possible. My poor frustrated mother... So...we come to today. I am in my kitchen with a big bowl of coffee-vanilla-cinnamon, dredging fabric through it and soaking fabric in it. I have grounds and drips everywhere, but I am having so much fun.
I'm like a kid,trying different types of fabrics and different colours and prints to see what will turn out.

The mess is fun, but the baking is the best part. My kitchen and now my whole house smell absolutely awesome. Of course, the clean-up will come eventually and it will have to be a good one. I'm having a small party tomorrow night and it would be really difficult to explain why theres coffee grounds all over my floor. inner little girl is having almost as much fun as if she was making mud pies.


  1. I do love a good mess too :) and the freedom to make a mess, delightful!

  2. hi im so curious what are you making..... looks like fun whatever it is, love claire

  3. Ooooh, that must have smelled delicious! I put a pot of water, cinnamon and cloves on the stove to simmer during the day. It always reminds me of the holidays.
    You have great childhood memories:)

  4. hi kelly award on my blog for you has all the details