Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's A Wonderful Life...

I will tell you something about me..... I married George Bailey. I really did. Not literally, of course--but if there was ever a perfect fictional persona for my husband Kevin it's George Bailey. They are two of a kind: sweet,dependable,honest,hardworking,true,romantic-in their own way,boyishly handsome, simple, wonderful small town men. Like George and Mary, Kevin and I grew up together. We met,as kids(I was 12,he was14)at my fathers' model railroad club. I had such a crush on him. Like Mary, I pined for him while he dated other girls and hardly knew I was there. We were friends long before we dated. He was the boy next door. I was the girl right under his nose.
On our first official date, we went to dinner w/ my parents on their sailboat. At the end of the evening, I fell into the river while trying to dock the boat. Kevin rescued me...and the rest was inevitable. We dated for a while, got engaged at Thanksgiving (he asked my father for my hand)and got married in a small,simple wedding the following September. It hasn't all been roses. Like George and Mary, we've had rough times.....but also like George and Mary, we have had the blessing of wonderful family and friends to see us through.
I adore this movie. I adore George and Mary and their journey and the way it speaks to my own journey. This movie has become my own myth; I know in my heart that I am living the best life I can, if I always remember the true blessings of family and friends and being able to give and relish the simple joys of life.

I could go on and on listing all the parallels I see between George and Mary and myself and Kevin. But I will just tell you that the moments that speak most truly of my husband are the moments of George Bailey as a loving father.
They say that every girl wants to find and marry a man like her own father. If that is true, Kevin is so like my dad in his love of his children and the way he has always taken the time to help them, teach them, be with them....I could completely see him being the man who 'fixes' Zhu-Zhu's flower. A real man, in my opinion.

And he is always the man whos' greatest joys are being surrounded by the happy embrace of his loving family.
This post was originally going to be about my December inspiration: It's A Wonderful Life....and, in a way, it still is. It is a wonderful life. Kevin's birthday is just round the corner: December 12. I am so grateful that he finally saw 'the girl who was right under his nose' and that I get the opportunity to grow old with this sweet 'boy next door'.
Happy Birthday George Bailey. Many,many more...

And this Christmas season, let's all take the time to really savour this wonderful life we've been given.
That's my December inspiration.


  1. Goodness gracious, what a post! I am always on the lookout for people writing about It's A Wonderful Life, for a I wrote a song called George Bailey.. but if I ever read about someone who would get the song, it's you! I wrote it from the perspective of Mary, referencing the movie and their relationship from kids to grownups... would love for you to take a listen! You can hear it via my website below or watch the video on youtube. So happy you found your George Bailey... I found mine and we are getting married next year! All the best for a happy holiday...

    Carolyn Sills

  2. What a wonderful post! A classic old-fashioned romance come true!

  3. I remember watching this movie with my ex. It wasn't till nearly the end of it that I noticed he was crying. What a big softy he was:)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog today!!

  4. Ahhh. So sweet. You really are a pair! :D