Thursday, November 12, 2009

November Inspiration

I actually took these photos in late September--on my anniversary--at Lyndhurst, in the village of Tarrytown. Lyndhurst is just one of the many gorgeous 19th century gothic mansions that dot the hills of the Hudson Valley. It's one of my favourites. If anyone is familiar with the Dark Shadows series and movies; external shots were filmed here as well as some interiors too. This place is just breathtaking. I come here and I want to be every heroine in every Victorian gothic novel I've ever read. Walking around in jeans and a sweater doesn't seem right. Every time I've visited this house, the weather has been 'perfect': rainy, dreary and chill, which obviously adds to the atmosphere.
The house is stunning and the grounds are also breathtaking...with so many scenes and vignettes to photograph and keep for future inspiration. These are just a few of the many I took on this past visit. It's such a romantic and amazing place.

I am completely inspired right now, by Lyndhurst...esp. as captured in these pictures. It probably helps that I'm currently rereading Jane Eyre. I can picture the whole novel taking place here. I think I was secretly waiting for Mr. Rochester to come galloping offense to my sweet husband. (He loves Lyndhurst too, because it was owned by the 19th century railroad baron J. Gould. My husband is a tremendous train and local history buff)
I think this house feeds my romantic heart; I can see pre raphaelite heroines roaming the grounds and every setting seems as if it was lifted from a painting.
So, for November my inspiration comes from this gorgeous place...with a sprinkling of Poe and Barnabus Collins and a liberal dose of Jane Eyre.


  1. wow Kelly! what a nice place you have there! of course it's inspiring and if the weather is like you say then more!
    I would love to visit that wonderful place one day :) hope your inspiration give wonderful fruits :)

  2. Yes! I remember Dark Shadows from when I was a teenager. I loved the series and even read all the books based on the series. It was my vampire phase, what can I say? (I'm looking forward to reading your blog and seeing more of your great artwork!)

  3. Wow! What an incredible place! I can see why you are so inspired by it. And yes, I do remember Dark Shadows. One of my favs from my younger years.
    Beautiful tree! :0)

  4. Oh Kelly the picture with the arch. Gorgeous.

    Renee xoxo

  5. wow...this is so amazing! This is lovely, how romantic!

  6. What an amazing house, love to visit her for real, looks totally breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your photographs.