Friday, October 16, 2009

A Little More Halloween-ish Decor...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my last two posts. This will possibly be the last post of my Spooky Decor Tour. I really need to take decent pictures of the sketches and dolls and paintings I'm working on and post those. The Sundial Sisters (myself and Cindy of Vagabond Artistry) have a craft fair coming up in November and we're both burning alot of midnight oil trying to complete things and get ready.
This picture below is my kitchen door... I can't remember where I got the lacy witch panel and it seems like she's been there at least as long as we've been in the house. She welcomes friends and loved ones to come and sit a spell; and she warns off door-to-door salesmen. My happy jack-o-lantern cookie jar. Another wonderful Target holiday clearance. The wallpaper in my kitchen is this awesome 70s orange, brown and ochre pattern. I really love it. So all my accent pieces are orange and Happy Jack looks perfect there.
Yes, this is a vulture on a cow skull. It hangs in the hall next to my front door. I find it amusing and actually, so do most of my visitors and family. The vulture was Halloween decor that never left. I loved it too much. The cow skull...well, I used to live on a formerly very rural road, next to a small family farm. They kept a few cows, chickens and geese and a slew of barn cats. My husband and I loved to go hiking in the woods behind the farm... We found this skull and several other bones on one of our hikes. We actually have three cow skulls from that farm, but this one is the best. At the time that we found it, I was in what I call my 'Georgia O'Keefe period'. I was doing lots of paintings and pastel drawings of animal bones and skulls, so the cow skull was such a prize to me. Sometimes I think my hubby and I have such an odd romance about us. On the table beneath the skull is a bouquet of teasel that he brought me home from one of his trainspotting jaunts. He came in the door and presented it to me, saying: "Here you go Morticia." Much better than chocolates or roses.

Another romantic gesture: this display table was a Christmas gift from him so I could display my animal bones and skulls.(Please know that I haven't gone around killing little animals for their bones or anything gruesome. I find these things on hikes around the local woods. I consider them to be like gifts from nature for my art.) This little case sits in the library and recently, I found a companion for it at the local Habitat For Humanity ReStore. That one holds my shell collection...which is alot less spooky.

This is the fireplace in the library. Library sounds so grand. But really this was a front parlour room or even the 'good' living room. When we moved in we just knew that it would be the room to house most of our books.Someday I will manage to take a decent picture of the shelves, but for is the fireplace. Obviously...the (self)portrait on the mantel is me, surrounded by candles and Jack and Sally votive holders and snowglobes. It's hard to see but, there are little glass Halloween ornaments strung through the leaves and a wonderful carved wooden bat too.
I think this might be my favourite spot in the house, but it's always so hard to choose.


  1. thanks a million kelly for your kind words on my blog its nice to get some feedback sometimes i feel like im talking to myself! your halloween decorations look amazing here in the uk no one has any displayed yet............. how unfestive

  2. I saw something about Frida K. at your home :) I like her too very much :)
    your home is wonderful!

  3. happy halloween to you! i love this season...

  4. Happy Halloween! Love the decorations!!