Monday, October 5, 2009

O, October......

It's October...the first glorious, beautiful, chill days of October. Why do I love this month so much? All the good things that have come to me as a woman--my marriage, my sons--came to me in the month of September. But October and I have had a kinship that goes way back... Maybe--being a redhead--it's the way that Nature finally adopts my own hues; maybe its the chill of the air and the luxury of cooking and eating squash and apples and pumpkin; maybe it's the most favourite of all my favourite holidays...Halloween: a time of fun and mystery, laughter and a bit of fright; Could it be that the Celtic half of me remembers the ancient celebration of Samhain and still 'sees' this as the New Year? Or is it that I feel most of all, at this time of year, the touch of those loved ones who have passed beyond this earthly life? I feel an urge to set extra places at the dinner table and offer an extra cup of coffee to the Autumn mornings in honor and love to those I miss most. I want to welcome this month when the veil between the worlds in thin; I want them to know they are still welcome in my heart and in my home. I want them to feel the joy I have in this beautiful colourful glorious mysterious month and know that it came from them.
It's October...and I feel on fire creatively. I have so many ideas and inspirations; there is no way I can tend to them all. Everything excites me; it's so beautiful... all of it; the smells, the colours; the chill air; the sky in the daytime; the sky at night; leaves; harvest; pumpkins; gourds; candy; apples; cider;skeletons; ghosts; witches; haunted houses;creepy graveyards;trick or treaters, the fall of leaves ;the fade of the summer colours and flowers...everything. I stop at farmstands and local pick-your-own orchards and pumpkin patches and I want to have as many of the apples and pumpkins and gourds as I can. I can't get enough of them. The pumpkins are always my favourites. I love them; their moony roundness; whether perfect or not; their colour; the feel of them under fingertips or in hand the weight of them. I feel sorry for the ones that get left behind ; passed over because of some 'imperfection'. I want them all. And apples...I can't pick enough apples;make enough sauce; bake enough pies...such a simple and perfect thing.
I'm endeavouring to capture all of this; this feeling and get it onto paper, canvas, fabric, whatever...while it's fresh and full of energy.
It's always been the transition seasons that have held my heart; Spring and Autumn... Summer and Winter are lovely, but there's something about Spring and Autumn. Especially Autumn....especially October...


  1. I'm a spring person myself (which is where we're at here in the southern hemisphere at the moment) but I have to say that I am *almost* converted to being an Autumn-lover with your wonderfully descriptive post. Thanks for sharing ♥

  2. Hiya Kelly , thanks for your kind words on your visit to 'me blog',
    You have a gorgeous red head in this post also!!

    Your words are truly beautiful in this post , really inspiring!
    Cheers , Helen

  3. wow Kelly! I feel exactly the same with October,, is amazing how you describes your feelings, your joy with all the beautiful things this season and specially this month bring to us! Is like if I read myself ;)
    October is just wonderful! as autumn , as the colors, the smells and all what you say :)
    I love your paintings and your blog.
    i wish you a lovely week!