Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Year Round

I love Halloween. I always have. As a child, in spite of having to dress up as either a hobo or a bag of garbage year after year 'because that's what we have for costumes for you'... I still loved it. I secretly dreamed of one day having the best witch costume ever. As a (so-called)grown up I've dressed up as Jessica Hahn(remember her? I won a prize for that one), Galadriel from Lord of the Rings, my version of a Corpse Bride, and--many many times over--as a witch. I technically only get to sport my costume once a year, but my house....well, that's a different story. My house wears her Halloween garb--inside at least--year round. It suits her. It suits me. I like to think that I'm living in my very own Munsters or Adams family house, here in this lovely corner of New York suburbia.

This was a view down the hallway towards the back of my house. I took this picture this morning. No Halloween decorations in sight, but views like this were how I knew my house was suited for Halloween year round
This Day of the Dead style skull was a post-holiday clearance aisle find at Target a few years back. I have four of them--2 orange, 2 white. They're out year round...not always in the front window or the front room. I find them kind of cheerful.

The doorway from my kitchen to the hall. This is a year round display. I especially love my "Witch Is In Casting Spells/Witch Is Out Being Wicked" sign.

I collect teapots. I have alot of them, including several gorgeous autumnal ones, plus a wee jack-o-lantern one from Cindy,my fellow Sundial Sister ( . This is a favourite. It's such a perfect pumpkin. It's sitting on one of my best garage sale finds ever: a silver cake plate that I got for 25 cents. Seriously. It's a little off kiltre; I think that's why it went so cheaply.

I took too many photos for just one post so, over the next few weeks, til Halloween I'll post them here and there. I really love this time of year.


  1. good on you! I haven't even thought about it ! Love the teapot!

  2. Hi Kelly! I love re-using my witch costume all the time too. I like to reinvent the costume to look different every now and then. You must have looked so cool in your Galadriel costume. I love Lord of the Rings. Wonderful photos! NY Suburbia looks lovely. Great Day of the Dead decor. I can see why you have that out all year round with all your other goodies. Love your pumpkin teapot too. Fabulous selection of books on your shelf. I'm currently watching the tv show Eastwick. Thanks for coming to visit! Have a happy day!

    Lisa :)

  3. your Halloween decorations are lovely!

  4. How fun! Your house and decorations look great!
    Thanks so much for stopping over to my place today and leaving such a nice comment♥
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!

  5. I love seeing the pics of your house. My House is sort of Halloweenish too! Yes, I was a hobo just about every year too. I guess now they would be called homeless people and not considered politically correct. I love the skulls you got from Target. They have the best Halloween clearance ever. I can never resist when their stuff goes to 75% off. I think that is why I have so many decorations!