Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This Frida sketch may make it to a canvas by this weekend if time allows.
This sweet little girl is inspired by a sweet little girl in my life: my niece Madeline, who has such an inspiring demeanor and such a magickal outlook on life. I think of her as my own little muse.

And--last,but not least--I would love to turn this sketch of Shelby into a little doll...or softie. Complete with the little 'toofies'.
I am moving forward creatively...slowly,by inches... But at least I'm moving.

P.S.-- Yay for me! I just figured out how to get the text 'tween the photos. I'm really a very smart person. I swear.


  1. Feel free to pass that trick on to me! I am working Flintstone Style myself! Blogs Rock! (bad pun totally intended) BTW love the sketches now get off the computer and paint...what is this 3 entries in a day thing. Your making me look even more pathetic then I am. LOL.