Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Leaky Shi Tzus

I have two for-the most-part wonderful and adorable little dogs; Bailey and Shelby.Bailey is the black and white cutie in the pics above; Shelby is the cream coloured 'little princess'. They came as a pair. I adopted them nearly two years ago from a local Humane Society. At ages 8 and 9 they're considered to be 'senior' dogs, but I really question the accuracy of those numbers. Since settling into my home and getting much needed medical treatment and TLC...they seem like dogs half that age.
They're not actually brother and sister.....more like a married couple. They bicker and squabble and occasionally Shelby feels the need to let Bailey know that she's most definitely Queen of the house. At night they join my hubby and I in our bed...curling together in what I call the 'dogpile'.
I love them dearly and can't imagine my life without them....however...
I'm dreaming lately of a life without surprise pee stains and poop piles to clean up.
Last night I spent a good portion of the evening at my mom's house boxing up stuff, throwing away junk, sorting and cleaning out. Finished up sometime after 11; got home close to midnight.
Bailey greeted me guiltily at the door. Oh no.
Sure enough. Poop in the living room. I cleaned it up and headed to bed...only to step in a pee puddle just outside my bedroom door. Grrrrrrr!
And of course--if I believe my hubby and my sons--the dogs 'went out for business' practically every hour while I was gone. uh-huh.
I really believe that being cute is a survival technique, because if these two 'ewoks' weren't so dang cute.................. bang! zoom!
I really should make them 'earn their living' by painting their little mugs onto something. Simple Solution Odor And Stain Remover isn't cheap!

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