Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anais Reworked...and FleaMarket Finds

After I posted her the first time, I just knew 'something' about Anais wasn't just right. I think that sitting at the easel with her, seeing her every day, knowing the little story I'd spun about/around her made me think she was more done than she was. Putting her up on the blog was the objective step-away that I needed.
She went back to the easel and has spent some time gaining some new colour and (I think) depth. Oil pastels, coloured pencils,paint,paper,Sharpie markers...
She hasn't got the luminous quality of Robin Red; I think she's more of a moonlight kind of girl.

I can't say she's more mysterious than Robin; just different mysteries. Anais is more inclined to secret rooms in big old houses and Robin Red is all about the wild woods and meadows. Anais would be the girl watching from the walled garden or the library window.
Now, these three beauties here...

I found on a folding table in a booth full of wonderful old junk, among many other booths full of wonderful old junk at the Stormville Flea Market. The sister in the middle was the one who first caught my eye. I'm calling her Jo. The blond sister is Amy. The sister in red is Beth. That leaves me to find Meg. I'll keep a lookout the next time I'm flea-marketing...
The sisters can sit atop a table or be hung in a group. They are little vases; the tops of their heads are open and I'm thinking about delicate bouquets of violets and ivy for each of them.

These awesome spools were another of my flea market finds this past Sunday; although I owe the credit for the actual finding of 'the spool booth' to my flea market partner in crime and fellow Sundial Sister, Cindy.
Right now, I am just loving looking at these spools over and over...the wood and the paint and the brass and all the details my mediocre photography skills can't capture. They're beautiful.
Perhaps in a while I'll have some idea of what I want to do with them...perhaps something Halloween-y for the orange ones. Hmmm.


  1. Yay Flea Markets! Such treasures to be found. I love that you are thinking of the heads as "Little Women"...and you know that I love the spools!!!

  2. anais , looks so pretty!
    I love the old spools!

  3. Hi There Kelly,
    Love your Painting, the eyes are wonderful..
    YAY Flea Market Finds..
    My hubby said, for vaction this year we would go to a large flea market/ garage sale some place fun..
    He even offered to bring his truck..YAY more room for all the finds..
    Hope all is well..
    Happy Creating..

  4. Beautiful painting, Kelly. Simply beautiful!

    Hope you had a good day! =)

  5. Your painting is wonderful. You paint a beautiful flower. Love all of the detail. I also love the heads you found. Wow!


  6. Jennifer, I can't take the credit for the flowers.;^)
    I cut them from poppy patterned scrapbook paper and altered them a bit with coloured pencils,oil pastels and marker. Then I deco-ed them onto the painting.

    Thank you everyone. I'm much happier with Anais now. Hopefully...once I get through this weekend, I'll have alot more consistent studio time and I can give her (and Robin Red) finishing touches and maybe even give them a few 'sisters'.

  7. I just want you to know how much I enjoyed visiting your blog today. I mainly wanted to thank you for your kind compliment on my painting on my blog. Your art is wonderful and I adore your flea market, I should be so lucky. bonnie