Friday, May 15, 2009

Nearly Finished...

The "Robin Red" box is almost done. I'm working on the inside of the box...and tweaking a few details on the outside. I love the way she turned out. She seems almost like a variation on Red Riding Hood...but currently, I have alot of little girls in cloaks in my journal/sketchbook.

This is Anais; she's my violet eyed 'cat' girl...finished except for a flower or two on her hat and in her hand. And maybe a bit of a poem. Her sweater is decoupaged snips of scrapbook paper...a sepia flower print. Her blouse and hat are pages from a Japanese book.I love the uniform pattern of the characters. It took some time...but was well worth it.

This was Anais a month or more ago. I never pre-sketched her in my journal. She was done right onto the canvas. I love her. She's so mysterious to me. Maybe it's the dramatic curtain behind her.


  1. I just Love the sweet face on little robin red!
    Cheers , Helen

  2. Kelly they are both beautiful but that red head is truly enchanting! ; )

  3. Thank you both.
    I'm slightly more partial to Robin Red too. Maybe it's because of my own red hair.
    I've been looking at Robin and Anais again and again...and Anais needs something more,so she's back to the easel. We'll see what happens.

  4. kelly, thank you so much for the encouragement! i like robin red a lot! the texture, colors, her face...all draw me in!

  5. Hi,
    This is my first time on your blog and I found you thru Danita's blog. I love your Frida sketch and your painting of Queen of Souls.
    I also like Frida Kahlo...she is my inspiration...please come an visit my blog.
    ps. I am sorry about your loss.

  6. Kelly...came across your blog via another blogger-friend. Your artwork is beautiful.

    If you are intersted, I am starting a new "art" post that will occur every Tuesday. Would love it and be honored if you would join me! Check out today's post for more info.

  7. I love Anaise
    and we are never too old for purple hair..

  8. Thank you new posters...Mystele,Flor Larios Art,Paris,Papermoonies...
    I've been off-computer for several days; trying to get life in control. Very unsuccessful. Coming back to your wonderful comments is a tremendous bright spot. Thank you.