Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine, My Valentine...

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. And most especially, to my husband best friend, my sweetheart and my rock. Though we are less those two babies in our favourite wedding photo...and more like the couple below...The Weasleys. There is a romance in the comfortableness and familiarity we share. Candy and cards are lovely, but I'm much happier with the everyday blessings you bring to my life.

***I've just changed my comment setting for blog owner approval due to seeing a post on a blog I follow about 'spam comments' and attached viruses etc. I went thru some recent posts and found two comments that may have been something similar. As this is currently, the only computer in my household, I need to take precautionary measures. Thank you in advance for understanding. :) Kelly


  1. What a romantic wedding picture! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

  2. awwwwww bless you both!! xxxx hope you've been having a magical romantic day filled with happiness ;0)xxxx
    p.s the spam thing doesnt seem to have done lasting damage ive re-booted my computer and the connection seems almost normal- hopefully it was a one off...its upsetting to know thse weirdo's out there especially when i love the blogging community- main thing is not to entre on any spam messages- mine was in chinese with some rude words in between so kinda guessed it was dodgy!!

    have a lovely sunday best wishes,
    always a joy to read your blog x

    ...and if you ever fancy doing an arty swapsie let me know? ;0)x

  3. You look so beautiful and romantic, bless you both so very much!
    Happy valentine's day!
    Loads of love!


  4. My last message went for a walk somewhere. Anyway I get to tell you how beautiful you are again! You both look so romantic!
    Thank you for sharing your love with us!

    have an amazing day!



  5. Sweet Picture! Funny, I scrolled down and said to myself, "that isn't Kelly, that looks like the Weasleys!" then I read the text. ha ha You're so funny!

  6. aw, I love seeing wedding photos! I hope you and your sweetie had a lovely day~