Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Glue In My Hair...

Forgive the bad photography... The only way to get a picture of all my hair is in the mirror, which means zero flash and also shaky-blurry pictures.
I have alot of it--hair that is. It's very long and has-over the years-gotten thicker and wavier as it grows, which I guess isn't usually what happens. When I was younger my hair was thin and super straight and my mother cut it for me in her own version of a 'shag' haircut. It wasn't the best look. So, for most of my adult life I've had my hair varying lengths of long... I've cut it a few times but I always grow it right back. I love long hair and I know for a fact that I would never be one of those ambush makeovers who gets convinced to cut off all their hair for a new look. Nope. No way. However, long hair plus messy art is not a comfortable mix. I've accidentally dipped my hair in paint more times than I can count. I think I know why Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keefe pinned their hair up.
Yesterday, while gluing together dollar-store cardboard coasters to prep for painted ornaments I managed to glue a few into my hair.

I managed to get them out and rinsed the glue out of the ends of my hair. Then , a short while later, I accidentally dipped my hair in the glue and that has not been so easy to get out. I should mention that ponytails and braids don't always help this problem.

In the eighties, I had one of those wonderful asymetrical hairdos with enough spray or mousse or whatever in it to hold it through anything. Glue shouldn't be a problem for me...except for how nearly impossible it is to try to comb or brush it out. From now on I'm wearing a shower cap in the studio!
On another note: I'm hoping to have some ornaments and a new painting to post by this weekend or early next week. Provided I can keep my hair out of it.


  1. Cool hair! Very long and wavy!
    I wonder how long it would actually grow to?

    Loads of love!


  2. LOL! I have an image of you with your shower cap on... looking sort of like Lucille Ball when she works at the candy factory... can't wait to see the look of your new works! :D

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  4. You're so funny....that hair of yours is gorgeous though! I was so, so sorry to hear about your sweet pup. They become so near and dear to your heart...they're like our children just better trained most of the time! I hope you find a new sweet heart too. P.s. I love the look of your blog...those hand illustrations are amazing! Hope you have a happy, creative, glue free week! ; )

  5. Beautiful long hair like yours takes a lot of work, doesn't it? It's like having a pet. It's got to be brushed and washed and fussed over.

  6. Ha ha, that is so funny about the glue. They say a woman's hair is her crown of glory and you a have quite a beautiful crown. If I had wavy red hair, I would have a very hard time cutting it too.


  7. You have the most amazingly wonderful hair!!!!
    sooo beautiful- something i can only draw! my hair takes forever to grow! ;0)xxxx

  8. wow you have mermaid hair.. cool!

    I love your new banner by the way!!

  9. Hi - I inadvertently posted my comment to you on the Jan 17 blog (sorry - it follows this one as you read them and I'm stupid...)


  10. Hi Thanks for your follow. I'm so jealous of your Hair! it's amazing. You look like one of my mermaids!:D Patti

  11. i love long hair but have never managed to get THAT long before cutting it again. Here's to trying again, lol....

  12. Hi kelly,
    Love the long hair..
    I had my hair cut short ONCE..Hated it!!
    I am loving all your new creations..
    You go Girl!!