Monday, July 6, 2009

Lemonade, Premio MeMe, and Tag

Well, it's Monday. I've recovered (mostly) from turning another year older. Ice cream cake helped. Alot. And this morning I discovered I'd been tagged by Cindy and awarded by Suzi and Silke. Plus, there seems to be some interest in my little blog giveaway...Yay!
So... in response to the TAG, here is the 1st photo in my 10th file (or was it the 10th photo in my 1st file...? I'm only on cuppa joe #1 for the bear with me).
This photo is from my 20th anniversary. Hubby and I took a little trip to Lancaster County, PA and spent a weekend with trains, historic sites,pastoral scenery and great food. This picture was taken by me at a gorgeous historic home whose name I've forgotten. They were having a Civil War weekend with crafts and reenactors. These lovely ladies were having a chat on a bench at the kitchen entrance to the home. I love this photo. Thanks to Cindy of Vagabond Artistry ( for tagging me. And Thank You to Suzi of Art With A Touch Of Whimsy ( for the Lemonade Stand Award.

And also a Thank You is due to Silke of Metamorphosis ( for this Premio Meme Award; which means I have to share seven things about myself with all of you. Hmmm...this is harder than it looks.......
1) Trains are very important in my life. My husband is a tremendous train buff and a model railroader with an HO scale railroad layout that is rapidly taking up the entire circumference of two rooms of my basement. I met him at my fathers' Model Railroad Club. Nearly every family vacation we've ever taken was planned around proximity to trains.
2) I was 12 and my husband Kevin was 14 when I first met him. I had such a huge crush on him. We became friends and didn't actually start dating until he was in his last year of college.

3)Cindy of Vagabond Artistry and myself are Sisters-in-law; as well as best friends. She's married to Kevin's brother Bob. Bob is the one who coined our 'Nome-de-Craft': The Sundial Sisters. We're notorious for going out on Saturday afternoon jaunts 'for a few hours' and then losing all track of time and coming home sometime after evening has fallen. Can we help it if there are so many crafty fun things for us to do when we're kid and hubby free?

4) I got my driver's license the year my sons' started school. I learned on a Cadillac Coupe DeVille. I adore Cadillacs, but I also love my current car: a Ford Taurus wagon.

5)I love long hair. My hair currently hangs to my tush. It's been longer than that at least once; I cut 2 and 1/2 feet of it for Locks of Love. I've also had super short pixie-cut hair when I was pregnant with my sons. I looked like Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby. Long hair is better on me.

6) Even though I'm Scottish and Irish (on my dad's side), I get my red hair from my Swedish great grandfather on my mom's side.She was also Italian. What a mix.

7)When I get annoyed and/or frustrated, I swear like a sailor. Actually, I might swear worse than a sailor...I don't know. I'm kind of like Ralphie's dad in A Christmas Story---I've invented some new variations and words.

Okay, those are my seven things. I think I may have worked in a few more than seven, but there you go. I know I'm supposed to nominate seven others...but I haven't thought that far ahead. I'll come in later and post my choices.

Once again thanks to all for the awards and tag.
Oops! It was supposed to be the 10th photo in the 1st file! I knew I'd screwed it up. Here is the 10th photo in my 1st file. It's my nephew Zachary--Cindy of Vagabond Artistry's son--at his first communion. I'm leaving the other picture up anyway.


  1. GIGGLE...sort of like a sailor!!! You can teach them how its done...How odd that we have communion photos in the same spot on the computer?! Weird! Thanks for playing!

  2. Hey Kelly,
    Thanks for sharing, The photos are great.
    Have a Great Week!