Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gone to Philadelphia With Warren And Homer

This afternoon Warren and I are heading down to Philadelphia to attend college orientation. This is going to be an interesting trip for a couple of reasons : 1) Warren and I have a fairly contentious relationship.I think it's because we have similar dispositions and he's definitely pulling away in order to flex his independence. Lately, we seem to spar constantly over ridiculous, often trivial things. 2) This will be our first ( and maybe only) mother/son road trip. I'm excited and also a nervous wreck.
We're inaugurating the 'new' Tomtom GPS that my hubby gave me for my birthday LAST year. I hadn't taken it out of the box until Friday!My husband Kevin-- or MapBoy as I call him--has a briefcase full of Rand McNally maps which he pores over for every trip and claims to be excellent at directions, but we get lost more often than not.
I am going to print the directions off the college website and set up my GPS and take a deep breath and try like the dickens not to argue with my son. And any time we think we're lost, we'll just find a Dunkin Donuts and regroup over caffeine and sugar. Which is appropriate, because my Tomtoms' voice is Homer Simpson. WooHoo! D'oh! I can't stand the bland voices they program the GPS with so I purchased Homers voice at the Tomtom site. I'd rather laugh while getting lost, than feel more stressed.

Not sure why I'm so worried over a three hour trip to Philly...when I once drove 12 straight hours from North Carolina to New York by myself at night...but I also figure, if you don't fret and worry beforehand that's when things happen.
We won't be back til Tuesday evening. I won't be back here until maybe Wednesday.
Please don't forget my blog giveaway...a few posts below.

See you all in a few days!

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  1. Hi Kelly,
    Well, I hope you had a peaceful and safe travel..
    My 19 year old and I still butt heads here and there.
    I wish you peace..
    Many Hugs