Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Sketchbook New Year

Millicent And Pierre

Daphne The Selkie
Goldilocks Shape Shifter
Back in December, while Christmas shopping, I treated myself to a new sketchbook. Nice and thick and sturdy with nearly 300 pages-- a students "Utility Sketchbook". I had been considering beginning a new sketchbook as a 'drawing a day' kind of journal.  Not a formal art journal, but drawing whatever the muse moves me to....
So far, I have about a half dozen drawings... I'm playing with markers and colour; making character studies for possible future paintings. My character studies aren't the usual kind. I love layering in detail and marks and colours... these might even end up being scanned in the future for framing. We'll see.
Right now I'm happy creating these new characters and working toward a new creative outlet: I want to write and illustrate my own little book of stories... maybe my own folktales... or fairy tales.  I always 'carry' these characters and images and stories in my head; it's time to try my hand at writing them and drawing them.


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