Sunday, December 2, 2012


This past summer we had the gift of taking a trip to a place that returned a piece of my creative soul back to me. We traveled in a vintage train car, by rail, through the Alberta prairies and the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  For me... the trip was spiritual. There is no way to journey through such an incredible landscape and NOT be moved.

Canadian Rocky Mountains, near Golden.

Returning home... I knew that changes had to be made in my life... in order for me to honor that creative part of my soul. The Universe was nudging me back to myself.
In the time since the trip... I have been renewing my aquaintance with some former subjects in my art work and revisiting them in new ways. I am seeing my world with new eyes and a restored heart as well, which isn't to say that I don't fall back into old habits. I do, but I am catching myself quicker and making sure that none of these stumbles stop me for very long.
To that end... I am attempting to resuscitate this long comatose and left for dead blog... even if only for my own edification.
We shall see what comes from this...  It's been calling to me for a while-- it's about time I got back to it.

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