Monday, August 8, 2011

This Is Where I Work

 In the summer... it is damn near impossible--what with the heat and oppressive humidity-- to work in my studio, in the upstairs of my house. I chose the room--long ago--when we first moved in, for it's coziness and the fantastic light; two features that work completely against me in these New York summers. We don't do air conditioning in my house; ceiling fans, table fans, floor-standing fans, cool clothing and lots of icy drinks... but no A/C. So in the summer--more than usual-- I have a mobile studio arrangement. By mobile, I mean bags (lots of bags) of current projects that get carried and lugged around everywhere and set up as needed.

 My 'cutting table'-- a simple cutting mat and sturdy card table I inherited from my mother-- sits in the hallway between the kitchen and t.v. room... next to a sometimes breezy window. This way I can work on tracing out patterns and measuring & cutting fabric and also keep an eye on my cooking in the kitchen and whatever movie or television show is providing 'background' inspiration at the moment.

This is my primary sewing space-- the couch in the t.v room. Summer or Winter, most often you'll find me right here, surrounded by "chaos in a bag"...bags of fabric, bags of thread, bags of felt, bags of beads and pom-poms, bags of whatever is required for the project I'm working on. With the computer nearby and the telly for background... I get a lot of stuff done and manage to keep connected with the world at the same time.

And then..... there's this....... one of my favourite sewing spots. On days when the weather is particularly perfect for working outside... I love my chair under the tree. Nature all around me and the way it lets my mind "go quiet and relax". I can fall into the rhythm of my sewing or my drawing and let it carry me for a while.

Recently, I had to express to someone the fact that my "office" is at home;  I work from home. Probably because of the comfortableness of my environment.... it doesn't really seem like work at all.
I know different. Many long hours are involved. I have scars and callouses and have sweated & laboured hard for what I create. Looking at these pictures it's hard to think of these as 'work' spaces. But they are. And--maybe most importantly--they are spaces of great peace and happiness. I truly love what I do. And I truly love the spaces I am able to do it in.


  1. I love seeing things like this. It gives your work a real personal feel. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love to peek at artist's work spaces! I enjoy sitting outside to work too. It has been way too hot here in the St. Louis area, hitting 100 degrees many recent days. We do have AC, but I hate being closed up inside and not hearing the birds! Keep cool!

  3. Ohhh working outside must be a breeze!! That tree looks just the perfect spot!