Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome Carson!

Nearly 24 hours home....he's fitting right in. Bailey was a little 'concerened' at first. I've watched enough episodes of Dog Whisperer to know that it was best just to let the dogs work it out on their own. They have.
Of course, it's just the very first day...but I think it bodes well. Carson is fitting in, as if he's always been here. He already has a battery of nicknames from toothless joe (he had 11 teeth removed!) to mini-me and teacup shih tzu. I call him monkey face. I'm absolutely in love.
This is one of his favourite spots in the Even with losing all those teeth...he has no trouble scarfing up his chicken and kibble dinner. I'm going to take him shopping today for some soft little treats...he can't manage any biscuits or carrots.
Thank you Universe...this was definitely meant to be.


  1. He is indeed, adorable! :D so tiny so toothless! heheheh

  2. thanks kelly for leaving such lovely comments on my blog im really happy when i read them how cute are your dogs so lovely im sure they are keeping you busy xx

  3. Awww, how sweet and how nice that he is fitting right in. I love the way your framed Voilet turned out. The frame fits her perfectly!

  4. So cute! Just love it to see a dog moving in in such a lovely home like yours!

  5. such adorable photos :) totally makes me smile. thank you!